Cosy & Safe Merlin I-Size Carseat 0-18kg

The Cozy ‘n’ Safe Merlin car seat offers simple access with a rotating seat. Place your child with complete ease for both parent and child through the use of the 360 degrees rotary feature. The car seat offers complete safety, protection and comfort for your little one with its 4-point rearward recline, 3-point forward recline, adjustable headrest and side impact protection.

Product Description

Simply fit using Isofix and the support leg, and drive with the knowledge that your child will be safely and comfortably secured.


  • Suitable for children from birth to 18kg
  • Forward and rearward facing car seat
  • 360 degree rotating seat
  • 4-point rearward recline and 3-point forward recline
  • Adjustable headrest
  • 5-point integral harness
  • Side impact protection
  • Fit using Isofix and support leg


Isofix: Isofix are two anchor points hidden in the padding at the bottom of the car’s seat and attached to the chassis of the car. It is the standard system for all new cars and car seat manufacturers, designed to make installing your child car seat quick and easy. No seat belt is necessary, and it offers a minimum risk of incorrect installation and it’s easier to secure than the seatbelt method.

Group 0+ Car Seats: You should keep a baby in a group 0+ rear-facing car seat for as long as possible as this is the safest way of transporting your baby in the car. You should only move them onto the next car seat once they have reached the weight limit of that seat, or the crown of their head is level with the top of the car seat. The weight limits may vary so please ensure you have read the labels on the side of the seat which will tell you your specific seats limits.

Suitability: When buying a car seat it’s important to make sure you are choosing the correct one for both your car and your child. It’s important you select the correct type of car seat for your child’s weight and because not all car seats will fit all cars it is critical that you check the selected car seat will fit your model of car. Follow the instructions provided with your chosen seat carefully for a safe and accurate fitting of the car seat and make sure you have the instructions to hand for future reference. Your car manual will also provide guidance on any fitting guidance specific to that car model.

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Cosy & Safe Merlin I-Size Carseat 0-18kg